Let’s get on to the best part and we here to give freebies to my beloved readers..hehehehe

The freebies is slightly similar as the picture above and wording can be customise. Only 1 lucky reader will be chosen which is will be pick randomly.


Terms and condition :

• Open to all Malaysians only.
• To enter, simply become our reader and :)
• Leave a comment. Don’t forget to include your email address.
• Do not comment more than once.
• One person only will be chosen this month (sorry, next lucky fans will be chosen next month)
• Closing date to submit your comment is on the 22nd May, 09.
• Winner will be chosen at random and the result will be announced on 23th May, 09.
• We will contact the winner, so that the winner can customise the gift :)

Thank you and best of luck to you..


FazleenRahim said...

Keep up the good work..i like the boxes design and of course the taste of your chocolates..
marvelous babe..i surely will learn to make my own chocolate after this..Good luck and keep up your spirit..everything will surely goes smoothly as your plan..

nazzheart said...

alahai suka tgk chocolate ni..hantu coklat xleh tgk coklat...comei2 design box tu..

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